Things I Will Draw:

✔Humans / Humanoids
✔Robots / Mechs / Transformers
✔Gore / Guro
✔Body Horror
✔Canon Characters / Fan Art
✔Original Characters
✔Anthropomorphic Characters / Furries
✔ Closed Species
✔Nudity / NSFW*
✔Canon X OC / Self-Insert

Things I Won't Draw:

☠️ Lolicon / Shotacon / Any kind of NSFW involving underaged characters humanoid or otherwise
☠️ Non-con
☠️ Anything hateful to a person or group of people

* Any nudity or NSFW will not be worked on in either streams or offered to be made into speed paints posted on YouTube.
*Ask about specific kinks, as I hold the right to refuse to draw anything that would make me uncomfortable.

Commission T.O.S.

• Payment is required upfront through PayPal Invoicing before any work on the commission will be started.
• Upon completion, client will receive the full sized, unwatermarked image.
• Client is free to post and use their commission with credit so long as they are not making a profit off of it such as through merch sales or NFTs.
• When a commission is completed, no refunds will be provided for any reason. Changes and edits may be asked for during any stage of the arts creation but all sales are final.
• Client is free to request that a commission remains private so a watermarked version does not get posted on all of the artist's social medias.
• Artist holds the right to decline to accept a commission for any reason and will offer a partial refund if and only if the commission is incomplete.

Commissions Available


Sketches are rough outlines with some added tone to help depict important values in the piece. Almost always monochromatic, but can have a singular pop of color if interested.

Headshots: $20Half Bodies: $25Full Bodies: $30

*+$5 for every additional character
*+$5 for props/background pieces

Flat Color

Pics with clean colored lines and clean coloring with no shading. Will often be either transparent or simple background.

Headshots: $40Halfbodies: $50Full Bodies: $60Chibis: $40

*+$15 for every additional character
*+$5 for props/background pieces
*+$5-$10 complexity charge

Full Color

Pics with full flats and shading. Can include backgrounds or be transparent.

Headshots: $65Halfbodies: $75Fullbodies: $85

*+$35 for every additional character
*+$10 for complex backgrounds
*+$10-$30 complexity charge